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The Yale Smart Home CCTV Kit XL gives you the peace of mind that your home is securely protected by allowing you to check in when you're out. View your home from anywhere at any time via a smartphone, with the cameras providing enhanced night vision for clear images, even in poor weather conditions.


Smartphone Notification: Receive alert notifications if an event is detected

In-App Control: Control from your smartphone

Intelligent Detection: Triggers recording when event is detected

4M High Definition Quality: Crisp detailed footage

Intelligent Search: Highlights
Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are home safely. With the PTZ model you can rotate the camera, change the viewing angle and zoom in and out remotely, giving you complete control over the footage you view.


Plug & Play IP home camera
Potential cloud storage using Dropbox
Local recording on micro SD card (SD card not included - Max 32GB)
Pan Tilt Zoom
HD 720p resolution
8m Nightvision
Two way Audio via APP
Motion and Sound detection
Wall bracket included or desk use
EU/UK plug for the charger included
Yale Middle East - Trusted every day since 1840. Manufacturer and Supplier of Residential Security Locks, Smart Door Locks, Security Cameras, Smart Home Alarm Systems, Home Monitoring Systems, Security Systems in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and other GCC and Levant countries.

Up to 1 hour fire protection for documents
High security lock with hardened steel plates protecting the mechanismfrom attack
Four heavy duty locking bolts plus two back-end bolts protecting the hinge side
Heavy duty hinges protected with 18mm fixed bolts
Adjustable internal shelf
Epoxy sealed shell of galvanised steel gives double rust protection
Tested & accredited to sold secure silver security standard
Volume 49.4 Litres


Keypad illuminates when touched
Re-settable 3 - 12 digit user code
Programmable one-time user code - ideal for visiting gues

The Yale Full HD1080p Dome Camera is an accessory for the Yale Smart Home CCTV range, allowing you to view and record live footage from your property.

Add this wired Dome camera to your existing Yale Smart Home CCTV system for extra coverage.

Features :

Live Viewing - View live feed from your cameras when connected to DVR.
30m Night vison - Clear footage around the clock.
Full HD1080p High Definition Quality - Crisp detailed footage.
Expandable - Accessory for Yale Smart Home CCTV Kit.
Weather proof- Ready for the elements come rain or shine.
Contact Yale Middle East for home security systems in Dubai. Yale Middle East is offering a wide range of outdoor security cameras in Dubai to improve your home security. Please visit our website and explore our security products.
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비통하게,지속적으로 모 200,000 청소년들의 도전의 상처와 관련이 안전하지 않은 광야 레크리에이션 센터 도메인과 장비에 의해 증명으로 소비자 제품 안전위원회 등이 있습니다. 일반 51,000 통합 홈 황야 녹화 센터 물건,나머지는 공공 광야 녹화 센터에서 발생합니다. 부상의 대부분은 낙상의 지연된 결과입니다. 놀랍게도,약 15 명의 아이들이 일반적으로 교살 때문에 일관되게 통을 걷어 찬다.

당신은 당신의 아이를 안전하게 지킬 수 있습니다

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The High Security Motorised Safes will keep your most important belongings secure and safe with a laser cut door for protection against attacks and with a pin code, you are able to gain quick access to your safe. Scare away any unwanted visitors with lock down for one minute after 3 incorrect attempts.

Modern design to suit your home: Plus modern functionalities such as automatic door opening and LCD keypad display for quick access. You can also keep your things organised with internal hooks and an internal light to clearly display your belongings.

Total peace of mind: The safes come wi

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Get high mechanical efficiency of the double timing belt, as much as 98% when properly maintainedat Pix-Germany. By contrast, chain drives are in the 91-98% efficiency range, while V-Belts average in the 93-98% range.
The producing method for the open-edged, formed V-belts differs from that of the jacketed V-belts; these square measure belts with internal splines. The teeth facilitate to cut back the bending stress of the belt and permit it to work on abundant smaller diameter pulleys.The increase in potency over the shrouded V-belts considerably reduces the necessity for multi-belt drives. Open-edged V-belts need a better tension than jacketed V-belts so that they attain higher power transmission.
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